Identify and Develop new revenue streams

Supplementing physical events from a 2 day experience for the few, to a 365 day experience for the many.

With Kujenga, event organisers have the opportunity to create year-round access for all members and convert non recurring event revenue, into recurring membership revenue.

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Transition volatile one time revenue into a membership/subscription model.

Identify new marketing services revenue with the ability to deliver sponsored content

Create an additional revenue stream with a supplier directory and supplier level membership

Usage reports and dashboard give you insight at a user and company level to drive retention rates

Deliver more value and assets for sponsors outside of your events

Don't see an opportunity you require? Speak to a member of our team today. We can build bespoke requirements to meet your commercial needs.

"Wow, all over. Thank you for all your patience, time and hard work to help make ISO Week happen and delivered in style. We have received excellent feedback on the Kujenga platform; so much was resting on it, its functionality, reliability and ease of use – it more than stood up to what was asked of it and then some"

Jessica Penney

Project Manager, BSI.

"Kujenga tackles the biggest consideration for many event organisers: how do we facilitate networking and power business development in the age of virtual? Through a combination of structured and unstructured networking tools, gamification, and a range of connection modes, it does a great job of demonstrating that dealmaking can certainly continue to get done in the absence of physical meetings."

Hesham Zakai

Managing Director, TXF

"The Kujenga platform is simply the best virtual event platform in the market in terms of quality, ease of use, reliability and flexibility. Kujenga's innovative infrastructure and intuitive design enabled us to seamlessly deliver a state-of-the-art, 10-day virtual global event across multiple time zones, which allowed attendees to effortlessly connect via video call or 1:1 messaging. Customer support is second to none."

Fiona Benharoosh

Marketing Director, Ishka